Finally, a Professional Foreign Language Interpreting Basics Overview that’s meaningful and accessible, in the nation that needs it the most.

While FuzeVRI acknowledges that online learning cannot replace in-person training for interpreters, it is also clear that online teaching with regard to underserved populations just got better for healthcare facilities, judicial systems, school districts and law enforcement organizations across the country.

The US Department of State reports that Refugee arrivals in 2014 came close to reaching the President’s authorized ceiling of 70,000 “The U.S. admits more refugees for permanent resettlement than any other nation. Last year nearly 70,000 came to the United States and we expect to bring in the same number this year.” –President Barack Obama, June 20, 2014 – World Refugee Day

Thus, we prepare. FuzeVRI is a new online modular video series that promotes professional conduct whenever and however an interpreter is needed, and focuses on HIPAA safeguards to PHI (confidential information) and other Risk Management enhancements. Topics include modes, methods, and professional demeanor and protocol for foreign language interpreters and those who access their services in person, by phone or remote video. The series provides detailed information about basic foreign language interpreting protocol; including practical application of videoconferencing when an interpreter is needed from a home office or healthcare or business office setting; a much-needed topic when touching on so many cultures, and when more refugees relocate to the United States.

Its aim is to educate foreign language interpreters (including aspiring interpreters) as well as interpreter service users on how to best apply professional standards to their intercultural interactions. Its producer, Louisa Benitez – has been an Interpreter Services referral agency owner for more than two decades and has processed communication between healthcare and social service organizations, law enforcement, school districts and a variety of government agencies and businesses – and the foreign language interpreters who serve them (see: About at

This series aims to solidify the interpreter’s commitment to pursuing excellence in their role as an interpreter in an engaging way. Emphasizing the essentials of unbiased and transparent communication, personal testimonies and a variety of skits punctuate a wide range of interpreting expectations in healthcare, law enforcement and legal settings, social service organizations and business; even school districts will benefit enormously. It promises be a valuable tool for continued education, as an online course, or a modular supplement to classroom education.

FuzeVRI will also be an important tool for new refugee interpreters as a cultural and vocational orientation, when an individual’s English skills may surpass the richness of their cultural assimilation, and for healthcare and law enforcement workers who may need to separate cultural peculiarities from behavioral concerns to get to the bottom of a matter.

With 15 built-in quizzes to self-assess one’s understanding of each section, Risk Management teams – whose staff must identify interpreters or interpreter organizations to assist individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP) – should find this series to be a handy tool for making sure underserved populations are “better served”, furthering their organization’s compliance with JCAHO and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with respect to individuals with Limited English Proficiency (“LEP individuals”).

Relatable, innovative and entertainingthe quizzes at the end of most lectures are brilliant for testing student retention of information.Student.

Boasting already a five-star rating on, with over 200 students, organizations that enroll several students at a time can request a discount for bulk orders to make sure their interpreter services teams run more smoothly. (submit inquiries to:

Samples from the series are posted here:

and on Youtube under FuzeVRI:

More on US refugees:

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